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Lessons Learnt In Microfinancing

Our founder Milisa Mabinza, had the opportunity of partnering with Sage Accountancy to share 3 tips she's learnt in running a microfinancing private equity fund. Through her experience in investing in Native Nylon, a fashion e-commerce store, Mabinza provides insights on the fundamental principles that will aid investors and pre-seed startups maintain liquidity and counterbalance negative cash flows.

Radio 702 Interview

Our founder Milisa Mabinza, was interviewed by Refiloe Mpakanyane on Radio 702. From detailing her upbringing, to discussing the venture capital landscape in South Africa, this interview is packed with Milisa's perspective and experiences. We hope you find it resourceful.

PowerFM Interview

Our founder Milisa Mabinza, alongside our funding recipient Portia Dhlamini were interviewed by Kwena Marara Moabelo, where they discussed all things private equity, as well as what its been like to build Khula Lula and get it off the ground. Native Nylon's journey and immergence as a player in the local e-commerce fashion landscape was also a major highlight of this interview. We hope you enjoy it.

The Future of Funding

We're so excited to have our YouTube Private Equity Series in the works. We will be sharing our thoughts on advancements in innovation, career advice on how to enter and navigate private equity with a small fund and academic literature explaining complex concepts. This is a snippet for our upcoming first episode The Future of Funding, where we discuss rolling funds, hybrid funds, microfinancing and solo capitalists.

Portia's Investment Story

Portia Dhlamini, The founder of Native Nylon is Khula Lula's first funding recipient. She shares with us her investment story and the journey she's been through to get here. She also speaks about the struggles she's overcome and fun she has had in bringing Native Nylon to fruition. Founders looking for advice on how to secure funding from an exceptional applicant, can learn exceedingly from Portia's story.

Private Equity Announcement

After months of due diligence, interviews, hard work and tons of obstacles, we are finally excited to share and welcome the recipient of Khula Lula's R200 000 private equity funding opportunity, 23 year old Miss Portia M Dhlamini, the founder of Native Nylon. Native Nylon was one of the applicants we received in our first round of public funding calls, and the founder stood out because of how aligned her vision was with Khula Lula. We are so excited to partner with Portia in building and scaling Native Nylon.

R200 000 Funding Opportunity

We're so excited to announce that our first funding round is open to the public. We're investing up to R200 000 in exchange for equity in a pre-seed or early stage e-commerce store that is woman of colour owned and run by a young woman between the ages of 18 - 32 years old. All applications need to be made by following the requirements on and completing Khula Lula's Business Proposal Template, Financials Template, Application Form and .Declaration.