Resource Library

I am so excited to finally share this extensive list of free data and analytical tool resources for beginner investors. It has been requested for months now, and I have finally put it together. These resources are divided up into their respective categories, with a brief description as to what they are. Over and above this list I implore you not to forget the most important resource which is the financial statements of the stock that you're interested in. Nothing will ever even come close to the information you will receive in that. Additionally, as you read this you will find that there is so much free information at your disposal, you never have to pay anyone to "teach" you, or go to conferences and events to learn about the financial markets. The internet is an equalizer that gives you access to the same information any other investor has. I hope you enjoy this and share it.

Aggregate Level Data

This is a list of data terminals that curate information on various economies around the world and large scale industry data. This is useful for assessing risks that are associated with investments.

Stock Screening Data

The platforms on this list aide investors in screening an investment prior to purchase. They provide comparative and historical data, together with analytical tools that simplify the decision making process. 

Historical Share Price Data

For beginners that don't have access to a trading platform yet, historical share price data may be a foreign concept. Plenty of platforms have vast amounts of data, recorded from the inception of the stock's listing.

ETFs, Indexes and

Funds Data

There are specific data terminals for funds and indexes. These platforms actively track numerous funds around the world and provide investors with industry specific lists, top performing lists and historical data.

Financial Statment Analysis

There are applications, tools and platforms available that can aide investors in analyzing financial statements without having a financial background.

Investment Valuation Tools

Valuations require complex skills and this is an area where investors who do not come from a financial background come short. This list includes templates and calculators that easily assist investors to value stock.

Industry News and Data

These platforms include vast industry data, reports and industry related news. this list is ideal for when  looking for comparative information, competitor data and resources on an entire industry

Other Analytical Tools

This is a list of applications that replicate financial  features and functions on calculators with the exact same results. This list includes a list of investor tools that can be used with ease for further financial analysis.

Cryptocurrency Resources

There is a plethora of information on line around cryptocurrency and it is hard to authenticate at times what is real and what isn't. Similar to equity instruments, the best source available are the white papers of cryptocurrencies.

Educational Resources

In order to have an understanding of financial statements learning the basics on various beginner friendly educational platforms can go a long way in aiding investors better inform themselves around what data matters for financial statements. 



Determining ones risk appetite and risk tolerance are essential to making healthy investment decisions. This list includes tools and resources that can aide investors to better quantify risk.

Curated Watchlists

Following the watchlists curated by other investor is another way to keep track of stocks that are performing currently. This ensures an investor is informed of all available options, especially in a given industry.

Investment News

Keeping yourself informed as an investor is also very important. this list details various news publications that cover the stock market.

Twitter Resources

Social media is also a great platform to utilize to remain informed for free. This is a list of my favorite accounts with an understanding of investments.


This is a list of youtube creators that solely make content around investments. This is another informative and free resource for beginner investors.