The boldest ideas have always been fueled by a curiosity to explore the improbable through technology and to determine the directional pull of progress in future industries. For this reason, Khula Lula has documented these ideas through in-house research pieces that provide financial analysis, philosophy, quantitative modelling, watchlists and theories. This is to provide readers with insights, expertise and our positions on the most disruptive tech industries.

Stocks on a Screen

Are Fintech Investors Buying Now and Paying Later?

"Nothing has exemplified the spirit of the roaring 20s more than the burst in exponential growth we have witnessed in fintech valuations and returns in the past year. For long standing optimists that have believed in the disruptive power of fintech, this is confirmation that we are at the dawn of reaping the returns of the digital age of financial inclusion... it is extraordinary to live in the age of increased financial access and democratization, where inclusive financial services like BNPL, virtual wealth management, mobile payment solutions, virtual debit/credit cards, have expanded their reach by accommodating the under-qualified and unbanked segments of society. And this has paid off heavily for fintech."

Rocket Launch

Investing in the Future Interplanetary Economy

"The 1957 - 1975 Space Race between the US and The Soviet Union has always been framed in history as this competitive egotistical race between two ideologically conflicting nations; but as the world expanded and advanced, I read about it in retrospect and began to realize that in substance, it was just an early display of technological nationalism. A mirror image of what we see today in the trade and IP conflict between the US and China. If you examined what was beneath the surface, it was a fight for dominance and market share in industries that were still decades away in the making..."